Stainless steel examination tables


  • Work and examination table with polished stainless steel surface.
  • Two parallel lifting columns with a stroke of 40 cm.
  • Widths are possible from 60 to 100 cm.
  • Lengths are possible from 120 to 240 cm
  • Height adjustment range: 44 to 84 cm

TypeArticle No.Size
Lifting column underframeBL-553-S120180UG120 x 180 cm150kg
Lifting column underframeBL-553-S120200UG120 x 200 cm150kg
Lifting column underframeBL-553-S120240UG120 x 240 cm150kg
Stainless steel plate BL-553-S116PLA120 x 180 cm150kg
Stainless steel plate BL-553-S117PLA120 x 200 cm150kg
Stainless steel plate BL-553-S118PLA120 x 240 cm150kg


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