ISKO KOCH – specialist for medical beds and therapy couches


Turning beds

The turing bed “move” opens up the possibility of remaining in the familiar surroundings despite restrictions in mobility, despite a reduction in coordination in three-dimensional space and despite perception disorders.

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Standing beds

Long periods of lying down have numerous negative influences on the patient. With the help of a standing bed, the physical constitution of the patient is considerably improved.

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Endoscopy couches

The use of endoscopy couches minimizes the risk of injury and maximizes comfort during treatment.

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Standing frames

Our standing frames are specially designed to meet the needs of disabled people. The daily standing training can lead to an improvement of the physical constitution of the patient with numerous clinical pictures.

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About us

First-class care with ISKO KOCH products – this is the conviction behind the manufacture of medical beds and treatment couches for home and stationary care for three decades now.

With a national production site in Bayreuth, Upper Franconia, it is possible – beyond the offered product range – to manufacture almost any special design in custom-made products.

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