Accessories standing frame

Holding rodArticle No.
incl. 2 adjustable hip padsKR-620-X

Upper body padArticle No.
to be used with Holding rod no. KR-620-X
bar: chrome-plated, upholstery: artificial leather black with straight vertical bar

Foot plate, horizontally adjustableArticle No.
displacement approx. 10cm
– Please note! Not available for Type Delta 2004
for standing frame ClassicKR-720-X
for standing frame DeltaKR-725-X

Table plate, horizontally movableArticle No.
Displacement approx. 6cm for standing frame Classic and DeltaKR-710-X

Table edgeArticle No.
Solid beech, 3 parts, height approx. 50mm KR-602-X

Chest padArticle No.
upholstered with black imitation leather, is attached to the existing tabletop with two screw clamps
Height: 15cm (measured from table top) KR-744-X
Height: 25cm (measured from table top) KR-745-X

Electrical belt retractorArticle No.
230V / 50Hz, 160W, maximum patient weight: 120kg
Operation via hand switch or with the integrated suction/blow control, mains-independent operation with rechargeable battery box Art. no. No. KR-701-X possible
Belt retractor incl. patient restraint belt with bottom KR-601-X

Belt retractor manualArticle No.
maximum patient weight: 120kg
Belt retractor without patient restraint belt KR-640-X
Belt retractor with patient restraint belt standard KR-641-X

Battery box, for article no. KR-601-XArticle No.
24V-DC, 12Ah incl. charger and mounting accessories KR-701-X

Patient restraint belt DELTA “Shuttle”SizeArticle No.
Length 65cmS KR-625-X
Length 70cmM KR-624-X
Length 75cmL KR-623-X

Patient restraint relt StandardSizeArticle No.
Width 25cm, Length 65cmS KR-605-X
Width 25cm, Length 70cmM KR-604-X
Width 25cm, Length 75cmL KR-603-X

Patient restraint belt with floor (5cm)SizeArticle No.
Width 25cm, Length 65cm, max. 120kgS KR-608-X
Width 25cm, Length 70cm, max. 120kgM KR-607-X
Width 25cm, Length 75cm, max. 120kgL KR-606-X
Width 25cm, Length 82cm, max. 120kgXL KR-609-X
reinforced for DELTA 2004 XL, max. 200kgL KR-686-X
reinforced for DELTA 2004 XL, max. 200kgXL KR-689-X

Patient restraint belt with seat trousersSizeArticle No.
with 2 straps for fixation at the thighs
Width 25cm, Length 65cmS KR-618-X
Width 25cm, Length 70cmM KR-617-X
Width 25cm, Length 75cmL KR-616-X

Patient restraint belt special designArticle No.
Dimensions according to customer requirements
Please indicate the following dimensions when ordering: Length, height, width

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